Research News

Sl.No. Title Publish Date Last Date
1 Problems with the standard vibroseis deconvolution: some practical solutions 19-01-2021 19-02-2021
2 Assessment of climate warming in the Western Ghats of India in the past century using geothermal records 19-01-2021 19-02-2021
3 Electrical resistivity structure across the Jaisalmer Basin (Rajasthan, NW India) derived from magnetotelluric data: Inferences on basin architecture and basement morphology 19-01-2021 19-02-2021
4 Remnant plume head under Neoproterozoic Malani Igneous Suite, western India 19-01-2021 19-02-2021
5 Constraints on the configuration of Andaman-Nicobar Subduction zone from EM modeling 19-01-2021 19-02-2021
6 Delineation of Potential Groundwater Zones Using Shear Wave Velocity in Eastern Deccan Volcanic Province, India 19-01-2021 19-02-2021
7 Use of GRACE time-series data for estimating groundwater storage at small scale 19-01-2021 19-02-2021
8 Basalt–sediment configuration in the Tapti rift of central Indian region as derived from magnetotelluric (MT) studies 
and hydrocarbon prospects 19-01-2021 19-02-2021
9 2D thermal modelling along the seismic section Kuppam–Bommidi in Southern Granulitic terrain of Indian Shield 19-01-2021 19-02-2021
10 Petrogenesis of the Kanker Granites from the Bastar Craton: Implications for Crustal Growth and Evolution during the Archean-Proterozoic Transition 11-01-2021 10-02-2021
11 Breaks in Linear Trends or Parts of Cycles? 11-01-2021 10-02-2021
12 Delineation of Average 1-D Shear Velocity Structure below North India by Surface Wave Dispersion Study 11-01-2021 10-02-2021
13 Evaluation of heavy metals contamination in soils at Peenya Industrial Area, Bengarulu, India 11-01-2021 10-02-2021
14 Earth Observation for Crustal Tectonics and Earthquake Hazards 11-01-2021 10-02-2021
15 India‐Sunda Plate Motion, Crustal Deformation and Seismic Hazard in the Indo‐Burmese Arc 11-01-2021 10-02-2021
16 Geophysical and hydrochemical studies for sustainable development of groundwater resources in northwestern part of Telangana State, India 11-01-2021 10-02-2021
17 Ambient noise and earthquake HVSR modelling for site characterization in southern mainland, Gujarat 11-01-2021 10-02-2021
18 Physical Properties of Basalt Ejecta Boulders at Lonar Crater, India: Insights Into the Target Heterogeneity and Impact Spallation Processes in Basalt With Application to Mars 30-12-2020 30-01-2021
19 The Long‐Lived and Recent Seismicity at the Lunar Orientale Basin: Evidence From Morphology and Formation Ages of Boulder Avalanches, Tectonics, and Seismic Ground Motion 30-12-2020 30-01-2021
20 Simulation of seismic wave propagation in poroelastic media using vectorized Biot’s equations: an application to a CO2 sequestration monitoring case 30-12-2020 30-01-2021
21 Geochemical study of the Neoproterozoic clastic sedimentary rocks of the Khambal Formation (Sindreth Basin), Aravalli Craton, NW Indian Shield: Implications for paleoweathering, provenance, and geodynamic evolution 30-12-2020 30-01-2021
22 Upper mantle seismic anisotropy beneath the Kachchh rift zone, Gujarat, India, from shear wave splitting analysis 30-12-2020 30-01-2021
23 Magnitude estimation of regional earthquakes in India and its adjoining region 30-12-2020 30-01-2021
24 An appraisal of recent earthquake activity in Palghar region, Maharashtra, India 30-12-2020 30-01-2021
25 Mapping of greenstone belts using aeromagnetic data in Eastern Dharwar Craton, India 30-12-2020 30-01-2021
26 Enhanced methane gas storage in the form of hydrates: role of the confined water molecules in silica powders 30-12-2020 30-01-2021
27 Petrogenesis of low-Ti and high-Ti basalt, adakite and rhyolite association in the Peddavuru greenstone belt, eastern Dharwar craton, India: A Neoarchean analogue of Phanerozoic-type back-arc magmatism 30-12-2020 30-01-2021

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