Research News

Sl.No. Title Publish Date Last Date
1 Assessment of hydrochemical backgrounds and threshold values of groundwater in a part of desert area, Rajasthan, India 10-08-2020 10-09-2020
2 Assessment of reactivity of energy efficient high volume fly ash based geopolymers through various approaches 10-08-2020 10-09-2020
3 Geochemistry of banded sulphidic cherts of Sandur greenstone belt, Dharwar Craton, India: Constraints on hydrothermal processes and gold mineralization 10-08-2020 10-09-2020
4 Low geomagnetic field strength during End-Cretaceous Deccan volcanism and whole mantle convection 15-07-2020 13-08-2020
5 Bore-hole Well-cores Provide Evidence for Crustal Heterogeneity Beneath the Koyna-Warna Reservoir Site, Deccan Volcanic Province, India 15-07-2020 13-08-2020
6 Seismic wave amplification in the central Indo-Gangetic Plains, India, estimated from the ratio of soft to hard site source spectrum 15-07-2020 13-08-2020
7 Strong ground motions from two moderate size (Mw5.5) Kachchh intraplate earthquakes, Gujarat, India 15-07-2020 13-08-2020
8 The January 23, 2018 M7.9 Kodiak earthquake, Alaska: A consequence of slip partitioning in the outer rise region 15-07-2020 13-08-2020
9 Magnetotelluric study of an intraplate seismic zone in the Palghar region of the Deccan Volcanic Province, India 15-07-2020 13-08-2020
10 Stability and exchange of guest molecules in gas hydrates under the influence of CH4, CO2, N2 and CO2+N2 gases at low-pressures 15-07-2020 13-08-2020
11 Preliminary anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility studies on 2367 Ma Bangalore-Karimnagar giant dyke swarm, southern India: Implications for magma flow 15-07-2020 13-08-2020

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