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Sl.No. Title Publish Date Last Date
1 Hydrochemical characteristics and nitrate health risk assessment of groundwater through seasonal variations from an intensive agricultural region of upper Krishna River basin, Telangana, India 22-06-2021 22-08-2021
2 Multiple thrust systems from the Southern Granulite Terrane, India: Insights on Precambrian convergent margin tectonics 22-06-2021 22-08-2021
3 Overview of regional gravity field computation models and application of a novel method in imaging the lithospheric architecture and destruction of the North China Craton 22-06-2021 22-08-2021
4 Re-assessment of the depth to the base of magnetic sources (DBMS) in Australia from aeromagnetic data using the defractal method 22-06-2021 22-08-2021
5 Anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility study to locate the feeder zone and lava flow directions of the Rajmahal Traps (India): Implications to Kerguelen mantle plume interaction with Indian Plate 22-06-2021 22-08-2021
6 Tectono-magmatic evolution of Tethyan oceanic lithosphere in supra subduction zone fore arc regime: Geochemical fingerprints from crust-mantle sections of Naga Hills Ophiolite 22-06-2021 22-08-2021
7 Gas hydrates/free gas migration pathways in submarine slope failures: East Indian Margin 22-06-2021 22-08-2021
8 Hydrogeochemistry and Health Risk Assessment of groundwater and surface water in fluoride affected area of Yadadri‐Bhuvanagiri District, Telangana State, India 07-05-2021 06-07-2021
9 Mesoarchean gabbro-anorthosite complex from Singhbhum Craton, India 07-05-2021 06-07-2021
10 Application of multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) and electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) techniques for identification of groundwater recharge zone(s) in granitic hard rock aquifer 07-05-2021 06-07-2021
11 A study of Palnadu earthquake sequence in the Cuddapah basin and its tectonic implications 07-05-2021 06-07-2021
12 Mineralogy and geochemistry of the sediments in rivers along the east coast of India: Inferences on weathering and provenance 07-05-2021 06-07-2021

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