Dr. M. S. Kalpana

Dr. (Mrs.) M.S. Kalpana has received her M.Sc. (Analytical Chemistry) degree from University College for Women, Osmania University and Ph.D. in Applied Geochemistry from Osmania University. Dr. Kalpana is currently working as a Senior Scientist in Gas Hydrates and other conventional and unconventional resources group at National Geophysical Research Institute. Her primary research fields are geochemical prospecting of hydrocarbons, development and application of geochemical and isotopic tracers for shale gas and paleoenvironmental studies with particular focus on biomarkers. She was associated with surface geochemical prospecting studies for hydrocarbon exploration in frontier onland sedimentary basins of India. Her research activities comprise of integrated geochemical studies including direct and indirect geochemical indicators i.e. adsorbed soil gas, carbon isotopic ratios, microbiology and trace elements in surface soils for hydrocarbon exploration. Surface geochemical studies integrated with the geological and geophysical data in trap covered Mesozoic sedimentary basins of India such as Deccan Syneclise and Jamnagar Basins aided in delineating prospective areas for future hydrocarbon research and exploration activities in these frontier basins. She held a Visiting Scientist position at Linkoping University, Sweden from April 2012-March 2013 under Swedish International Development Agency projects for investigating biomarker signatures in spelotherms from caves in Meghalaya and high resolution multi-proxy geochemical record in playa sediments for paleoclimatic reconstruction. She has published 26 papers in national and international journals and presented 20 papers innational and international seminar/symposium/meetings.

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