Dr. Venkataramana D

Dr. D. V. Ramana received B. Sc and M. Sc (Applied Mathematics) degrees from the Osmania University. She completed her Ph. D in Geophysics in 1993 from Osmania University at Hyderabad, A.P. Dr. Ramana is working as senior Principal Scientist in National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad, India. She is expert in application of mathematical modeling techniques to various diffusion processes operating within the earth. Dr. Ramana received the Andhra Pradesh academy of sciences young scientist award in 1995

Dr. Ramana developed the mathematical models to understand the thermal evolution of the lithosphere in different asthenospheric regimes to know the stress regime of the region and also developed the models to understand the thermal perturbations in near surface due to interaction between air and soil surface temperature as well as the vertical ground water movement. Two – dimensional thermal structure has been given by her at different regions of India using available geological and geophysical data. She is also having the experience in developing the models to understand the water table fluctuations with different recharge functions for different geological conditions and these models are useful in making the judicious selection of proper artificial recharge schemes to maintain the water table at the desired level. Dr. Ramana has also worked on the problems related to seismology like estimating the source parameters, site response studies for Microzonation of the Bangalore city and the aftershock studies for the Sumatra earthquake of 26th December 2004 Her recent interest is to develop the models of the hydroseismicity for the seismically active regions especially in India. These studies arte useful in understand the complex nature of the region. The recent techniques are developing to analyze the bore well water level data in seismically active regions, which are useful in forecasting moderate earthquakes.

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