Dr. Manikyamba C

Dr. Chakravadhanula Manikyamba is currently working as a Chief Scientist in the Geological Studies Division of National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad, India. Dr. Manikyamba’s research areas include Precambrian Geology and Geochemistry with special reference to gold mineralization, paleo-environmental conditions, volcanism and crustal growth. Her major research contributions include the geochemical investigations on the volcano-sedimentary rocks documenting the Precambrian crustal evolution, crustal growth and gold and platinum group element (PGE) mineralization from Dharwar, Singhbhum, Bastar and Bundelkhand cratons, India. She has studied the genesis of iron and manganese formations (BIFs, BMFs), redox potential of proto oceans, Archean transgression-regression processes and identification of granular iron formation, identification of potential zones of gold from few greenstone belts, geochemical characteristics of gold mineralizing fluids etc. She has identified many new rock types such as boninites, Nb-enriched basalts-adakite-high Mg andesites from few greenstone belts of Dharwar craton documenting Phanerozoic type subduction zone processes during Archean. She has also identified shoshonites and leucitites, Oceanic island basalts (OIB) from Archean, studied the mantle plume activity and island arc volcanism through the geochemistry of ultramafic-mafic and felsic volcanic rocks and plume-arc accretion documenting the Precambrian crustal growth. She has reported gold bearing boninites and identified gold in the banded iron formations from the Shimoga belt of Dharwar Craton. She has studied the geochemistry of quartz-arenites, greywackes, carbonaceous shales and their depositional environment. She has conducted detailed field and geochemical studies on the Rajahmundry traps, and the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic sedimentary rocks from K-G Basin of Andhra Pradesh. She is conducting studies on the Precambrian stromatolitic carbonates from Archean greenstone belts and Proterozoic Cuddapah basin to understand the biogeochemical processes, the interaction of lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and atmosphere and its role in the crustal growth and mineralization processes which provide an understand for the Archean-Proterozoic transitional changes, paleoenvironmental and oxidation-reduction processes in the early evolution of the Earth.

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