Significant results in crustal scale seismic research at the Institute include delineation of the south-easterly dipping West Bengal sedimentary basin and the Hinge zone (relict of continental and proto-oceanic crustal boundary formed during the rifting of India from Antarctic) using seismic refraction tomography, delineation of sub-Trappean Mesozoic sediments in Saurashtra peninsula and Deccan Volcanic Province, imaging of sub-Trappean Gondwana sediments from CDP seismic reflection data in south Rewa basin, detection of hidden active faults in Kutch which can be associated with the seismicity.

A technique of finite difference full wave form modeling and imaging of tilted transverse isotropic media has been developed for specialized applications for hydrocarbon exploration in fold-thrust belts and similar active mountainous areas. 

Name Designation
Dr. L. Behera Senior Principal Scientist
Dr. Ranjana Ghosh Senior Scientist
Dr. Biswajit Mandal Senior Scientist
Dr. Shib Sankar Ganguli Scientist
Mr. Venkat Rao N Senior Technical Officer (2)
Mr. Karuppannan P Senior Technical Officer (1)
Mr. Sai Vijay Kumar P Senior Technical Officer (1)
Mr. Prem Kumar N Technical Officer
Mrs. Renuka K Technical Officer
Mr. Anil Kumar G Senior Technician (2)
Mr. Das K Senior Technician (1)


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