Characterizing the source of a prominent magnetic anomaly in the southwestern part of the Cuddapah basin

D Seshu, M Prasanthi Lakshmi*, S Parveen Begum And A Manglik


A guided approach in resolving the ambiguity in interpreting the regional TMI anomaly, resulted in adding new dimensions to understand the nature of the source of a hitherto well known multi-geophysical anomaly in the south-western part of Cuddapah basin. Interpre- tation of aeromagnetic data by calculating the analytical signal of vertical integral of TMI anomaly helped in detailed mapping of the most speculative lopolithic body responsible for the tectonic processes of basin initiation, evolution and several episodes of igneous activity in and around the basin. Our work further aided in modelling the basement configuration reasonably well by assign- ing the most reliable shape to the huge mafic lopolithic body.

J. Earth Syst. Sci. (2020)129:121 Ó Indian Academy of Sciences