A New Earthquake Sequence at Koyna Warna India and Its Implication for Migration of the Reservoir Triggered Seismicity

D. Shashidhar, K. Mallika, Kalpna Gahalaut, C. R. Mahato, and H. V. S. Satyanarayana


Seismicity of the Koyna–Warna region during 1 May to 25 June 2017.

The new earthquake cluster of 2017 sequence vis-à-vis earlier Koyna–Warna earthquake sequences indicates a migration of seismicity farther south of Warna Dam, defining an expansion in the seismicity of the study region. Similar observations were reported for Acu reservoir, northeast Brazil and Aswan reservoir seismicity, Egypt.

Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, Vol. 109, No. 2, pp. 827–831, April 2019,

doi: 10.1785/0120180295