Special Activities

GPS and Antarctica:
The GPS group at CSIR-NGRI works towards comprehending  the geodynamics of the Indian plate and objective assessment of seismic hazard through understanding of the earthquake occurrence processes in the plate boundary and intraplate regions of Indian subcontinent using GPS measurements.  More than 100 permanent GPS stations are being operated and maintained by the group for assessing earthquake hazard in Kashmir Himalaya, Karakoram Fault system, Garhwal-Kumaun Himalaya, Indo-Burmese Wedge, Shillong Plateau, Andaman-Nicobar Islands, Koyna-warna region and Indian shield. As a part of the Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica, the group has established a permanent Seismological and GPS observatory, in the year 1997, at the Indian base station, Maitri, primarily to monitor the seismicity in and around Antarctica and to understand the causes of crustal deformation, glacial and climate related processes in this seismically quiet continent.
Magnetic Observatory:
The objective of Magnetic Observatories is to record continuously over the long term, time variations of the magnetic field vector and to maintain the accurate Absolute standard of the measurements. To achieve this, Hyderabad (HYB) Magnetic Observatory was setup during 1965 and Choutuppal (CPL) Magnetic Observatory established on 6th October 2014. These Observatories are equipped with various types of Magnetometers (i.e. Tri-axial Digital Fluxgate Magnetometer, Overhauser Proton Precession Magnetometer, Declination and Inclination Magnetometer), in which time variations in the magnetic field are recorded continuously with a sampling interval of 01 & 05 seconds and regular Absolute measurements are regularly being carried out to find the values of the intensity and direction of the geomagnetic field. 
This program was conceptualized during he Twelfth Five Year Plan and launched in 2012. The major objective of the CSIR-800 project is to create and nurture a sense of social consciousness and responsibility by participation in Science & Technology activities relevant to the nation. The two major focus areas of CSIR-800 are to enhance income and to improve the quality of life of the 800 million people of India. NGRI has taken up the issue of potable water amoung the CSIR 800 focus areas to bring the contributions of science carried out at the Institute directly to the people of villages of Telangana.