Hari Narain Knowledge Resource Centre (H.N.K.R.C.) of the Institute is the continuation of the library of the Central Board of Geophysics which came into existence in late 1940s in Kolkata. In October 1961 this Board was transformed as the National Geophysical Research Institute at Hyderabad under the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. It plays a vital role in the dissemination of information to the scientists and technologists of the Institute The H.N.K.R.C of the Institute consists of rich library resources such as books, journals, reports in traditional print form as well as in digital media.



(As on 1st February, 2014)

Printer Books 19900
Bound Volumes of Print  Journals 17556
Subscription to Print Journals 15
Subscription to Online Journals 120
CD-ROM Collections 200
Thesis 65


Printed books classified according to Universal Decimal Classification(UDC) system are arranged on open shelves. Earth Science books are available in a separate section in the first floor of the library building. All books other than Earth Sciences are housed in the ground floor of the library building. Earth Science Bound volumes of the journals are also housed next to the Earth Science Books section in the first floor. The old bound volumes of physics, chemistry and mathematics are kept in a separate hall in the first floor.



The books are catalogued following Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules. Library has dispensed with preparation of manual catalogue cards. A library management software SOUL2.0 developed by the INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad a constituent body of the U.G.C. is procured and is in operation for house-keeping functions of the library.


American Association of Advancement of Sciences Science All
American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin All
American Geophysical Union Journals+Books All
Annual Reviews Physical Sciences 1997-
Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists Journal All
Blackwell-Wiley Earth Science Journals All
Cambridge University Press Geological Magazine 1997-
Elsevier (ScienceDirect) Earth Science Journals All
European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers Near Surface Geophysics All
Geological Society of America Journals+SpecialPublications All
Geological Society of London Journals+Books All
Engineering Village GeoRef Database 1785-
Mineralogical  Association of Canada Canadian Mineralogist All
Mineralogical  Society of America American Mineralogist All
Mineralogical Society (U.K.) Mineralogical Magazine 1997-
National Research Council, Canada Canadian Jl. of Earth Science All
Nature Publishing Group Magazine+Nature Geoscience 1987-
Macmillan Publishing Nature All
Oxford University Press Journal of Petrology All
Seismological Society of America Bulletin of Seism. Soc. Am. All
Society of Economic Geologists Bulletin All
Society of Exploration Geophysicists Journals+Books All
Springer Verlag Earth Science Journals All
Terra Publications, Japan Earth, Planets and SpaceGeochemical Journal All 
Thomson Reuters (Through NKRC) Web of Science 1987-
University of Chicago Press (JSTOR) Journal of Geology All


H.N.K.R.C. extends consultation of its resources to outside research scholars and faculty. The document delivery of articles available is arranged to other libraries on request. Photocopying of the resources not available online is also arranged. Membership of the library is open to the scientists, technical officers and other staff including the research fellows, project fellows, emeritus scientists of the Institute. Membership form including the rules and regulations pertaining to the membership are available at the intranet site of the library.


H.N.K.R.C. helps the users in preparation of bibliographies on interested topics of research or for setting up alterts through publisher’s websites in the field of interest. Full text documents can also be downloaded for the subscribed journals. A repository of the articles published by the Institute’s researchers is also being created using E-Prints software.

H.N.K.R.C. provides training in use of traditional and digital resources on continual basis. Citation analysis of publications of scientists is done and provided to the individuals on request. It also provides information concerning impact factors of the journals. Occasionally lectures and demonstrations of new knowledge resources is organized for the users. For the resources not available at this H.N.K.R.C., the products are either obtained on inter-library loan from other organizations or they are procured from commercial agencies on pay per use basis. H.N.K.R.C. can arrange translation of documents through outside agencies on payment basis.


H.N.K.R.C. of the Institute is managed by the well trained library staff. At present staff providing library service are:

  • Mrs. P. Susheela, Technical Assistant
  • Mr. A. Sridhar, Technical Assistant
  • Mrs. G. Lavanya, Technician

Library can be reached by :
Phone : 91-040-27012361/2362
Fax: 91-040-27171564
Email: library[at]ngri[dot]res[dot]in

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